Mark Lovendale
Mark Lovendale
Health Researcher,
Director of Preventive Care Center, Inc.

Lovendale brought together a unique combination of discoveries which reveals the underlying causes of many symptoms. He developed the Quality Longevity® Program to enable people to become free of health problems while adding enjoyable years to their lives. An added benefit is the dramatic reduction in health-care costs.

While conducting traditional medical research, Lovendale became aware that most drugs, surgeries, psychiatric therapies and allergy treatments did not work well and often made people worse. He observed that traditional medicine tries to treat symptoms rather than discover and remove the causes of the problems.

In 1978, after years of researching the underlying causes of common health problems, Lovendale began doing counseling and giving health seminars which explain the latest scientific discoveries. These courses are expanding the awareness of delayed food and chemical allergies and the optimum levels of fat, protein and carbohydrate in the diet.

Lovendale developed a blood test, known as the Prime Test® for detecting delayed allergies. This test reveals the underlying cause of a broad range of ailments. He presented this and other new developments in preventive health care on the Today Show and several talk shows.

After trying other tests, many doctors are using the Prime Test® to help solve their patients' health problems.

By using the information in Quality Longevity, you will be able to make major improvements in your health, reduce your health care costs and help others. If you want the name of a doctor using the Quality Longevity® Program, call 949-661-4001.


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